Suzann Victor Brings Rainbow Indoor

Singaporean artist Suzann Victor is known for her conceptually sophisticated and visually striking works. This time she has opted to bring a natural phenomenon indoor for the 2013 Singapore Biennale. By redirecting sunlight onto a 8-meter wide curtain of water with a mirrored device, she has successfully created double rainbows in the rotunda of the National Museum of Singapore. Titled "Rainbow Circle: capturing a natural phenomenon,” this poetic installation is Victor's direct response to the theme of the biennale "If the World Changed." It is her way of making people aware of the environmental problem we are facing. Through her work, we can imagine that a rainbow might one day become a historical artifact, something that can only be seen in a museum.

On display at Singapore Biennale 2013, 6 October 2013 to 16 February 2014/p>

all images © Suzann Victor

Rainbow Circle3

Rainbow Circle5Rainbow Circle2 Rainbow Circle4

source: Suzann Victor

  • b. jowett

    I want to see this in person. Did they record it on video? If not, someone should definitely film this installation.