Monumental Inflatable Mazes by AOA

Photo by Lamar Francois

Alan Parkinson, founder of Architects of Air (AOA), began experimenting with the 'luminaria' in the 1980s.  Made of specially produced plastic, each luminarium is an uniquely designed inflatable maze made up of around 20 elements of winding tunnels and soaring domes. Only four colors of plastic are used to evoke a sense of wonder at the saturated and subtle hues.  It takes about 4 hours to properly lay out the structure, and 20 minutes to inflate it. Since 1992, over two million people in 38 countries have wandered through the 'luminaria' and captivated by its beauty. 

all images via AOA

Exxopolis 2012 :



Miracoco, built in 2011 :

Photo by John Owens

Mirazozo, built in 2010 :

Photo by Dylan Morris

Amococo, built in 2008 :

photo by Salisbury Cathedral

Levity III, built in 2007 :

Levity II, built in 2005 :

Photo by Urs Jost

source: Architects of Air