Striking Ink Photography by Pery Burge

'Embryonic vortex' by Pery Burge

British photographer Pery Burge has found a way to translate her fascination with vortices into breathtaking images.  Inspired by nature, Pery defines her role as a catalyst for natural events. She places ink in water to create surface tension-driven flow, and takes pictures while the liquids are moving. The flow of the whirlpools makes striking image in itself, and also has a symbolism attached.

"This symbolism can appear self-contradictory – some mythology emphasizing their destructive nature, other belief systems talking of them as the ultimate energy source – 'getting into the vortex' … perhaps Knowing in the sense of true wisdom." says Pery.  But what we love most about her work is the ambiguity. It leaves us, as viewers, more room for our imagination to bloom. 

For more amazing images, please visit her website and flickr.

all images © Pery Burge

'Wheels of fire' by Pery Burge

'Towards the gold' by Pery Burge

"Moving the liquid mountain" by Pery Burge

'Coloured Cruiser' by Pery Burge

source: chronoscapes (via behance)

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    wish I could have a room full of those.