Three-Story Slide at the New Museum

[wide]Three-Story Slide at the New Musuem[/wide]

German artist Carsten Höller has installed a giant slide in the middle of the New Museum!  

Running from the fourth floor to the second,  the slide perforates ceilings and floors to shuttle visitors through the exhibition as a giant 102-foot-long pneumatic mailing system. Over the past twenty years, Höller has created a world that is equal parts laboratory and test site, exploring such themes as childhood, safety, love, the future, and doubt.

The New Museum’s exhibition will include Höller's work produced over the past eighteen years in an immersive, interactive installation choreographed in collaboration with the artist. 

On view October 26, 2011 – January 15, 2012

via New Museum

Three-Story Slide at the New Musuem

Three-Story Slide at the New Musuem