Stunning Glasswork by Shayna Leib

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After 14 years of training as a musician, music moves before my eyes as if it was a visual entity. Perhaps it is that the training of reading sheet music is never broken. Take that language of symbols away and I still feel the passage of sound in a corporeal way. The closest language to articulate the passage of pattern, motion, and crescendo is the language of glass with its movement and fluidity. ~ Shayna Leib

Shayna Leib is a multimedia artist whose sculptural glass and metal art reflects her intelligence, sense of design, and rhythm. When she is creating art, Shayna uses glass in a unique way. The look of her art is natural and subtle, yet her aggressiveness with the glass medium is intensely focused to produce original, colorful and chromatic works.

via Shayna Leib

The Nor'easters





Before the Rain


Andaman 2010




Mare Rubrum