Raghava KK Shakes Up Your Story

Indian artist Raghava KK has created a new childeren's book for iPad.  After he gave a short but inspiring TED talk, it has generated a huge response from people all around the world.  His e-book has a fun feature: when you shake it, the story — and your perspective — changes.  In this charming short talk, he invites all of us to shake up our perspective a little bit.

He has made a very powerful argument in his talk : 

The only way for us to teach creativity is by teaching children perspectives at the earliest stage. After all, children's books are manuals on parenting, so you better give them children's books that teach them perspectives. And conversely, only when you teach perspectives will a child be able to imagine and put themselves in the shoes of someone who is different from them. ~ Raghava KK

via TED

Look, It's a homosexual couple bringing up a child. You don't like it? Shake it.

Raghava KK Shakes Up Your Story 2

Now you have  a heterosexual couple. 

Raghava KK Shakes Up Your Story 3

Shake it again, and you have a lesbian couple. 

Raghava KK Shakes Up Your Story 4