Waterbeds by Joël Thepault


This installation Lits d’eau (roughly translated to Waterbeds) by French artist Joël Thepault is something to behold.  Depends on the time of the day, the atomosphere of the setting shifts with the light.  In the daytime, it creates a sense of abandonment in the open space.  But  when it comes the night, the floorlamps cast an illusion of warmth and enclosed space taking the viewers on an Inception-like journey, all in the privacy of their own mind.

Lits d'eau is on view at  Lac Chambon, Chambon-sur-Lac in France between 18 June – 18 September 2011, visit Horizons website for more info.

via Horizons

Waterbeds by Joël Thepault

Waterbeds by Joël Thepault 1