Balloon Sculptures by Jason Hackenwerth

New York-based artist Jason Hackenwerth likes to explore the possibilities of experiential art through experiments with latex balloons.  He draws inspiration from the extraordinary creatures of the human imagination.  He has constructed four multiple large-scale, original balloon sculptures for NCM (New Children Museum).

Using 1000s of balloons and a technique developed after years of working as a children’s entertainer, Hackenwerth creates balloon animals as works of art. Although all of his animals are imagined, Hackenwerth’s sculptures resemble living animals in that they experience an observable life cycle. Constructed and brought to life on-site by the artist, over time each sculpture will slowly age as it wilts, droops, and finally, expires. Hackenwerth views the temporal nature of his work not as a negative side effect of the material he uses, but as an essential truth that mirrors the natural life process of all living things. 

via Jason Hackenwerth and NCM