The Vegetative Nervous System by Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger


The Vegetative Nervous System 
museum kunst palast Düsseldorf, since 2006

The vegetative nervous system is a permanent installation in the 20 metre high entrance hall of the museum kunst palast. You can look at it from different levels. Its ends branch out into pillars, railings, walls and ceilings where they join the body “museum”. They stimulate it and give the necessary impulses. Unimpressed by will or order the vegetative nervous system (the autonomic nervous system) works autonomously in the body and takes decisions independently. Luckily – if human beings had to initiate the control of all the organs intellectually they would never have had the time to invent the refrigerator. Autonomous actions are the fertilizer of the inner garden.

via steinerlenzlinger